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  1. Hi guys. i have just recently joined Dan Zanger's newsletter, but was wondering if any of you might have a record of his pics saved up?

    his newsletter picks are usually in the format of a picture, so i was wondering if anyone would have them all saved in an archive?

    I have just joined today, but can someone send me their archive so i can maybe go over some of his old picks as a way to better familiar myself with his system?

    Thanks in advance. PM me and we can chat over msn or yahoo messenger or even aim.
  2. Hey, is there, like... some place where we can all worship the guy? Wow!
  3. maybe at your house? who said anything about worshiping? i'm just interested in his style of trading.... you know... like how people read a book? doesn't mean you want to marry the author..

    but since you mentioned about worshiping.. perhaps you can set up a gathering in your basement
  4. i used to be a member, they used to have all the old letters archived on his website. im sure they still do. that was one of the best things i got from the site, going thru all the old newsletters.
  5. I think I'd opt to worship Zanger before Livermore, or Buffett, or Lampert, or Dennis or Elliot, or Gann..

    Though Paul Tudor Jones and/or Seykota, would make pretty good false idols.

    Hmmm, there are some that give Wade Cook credence and it was apparently a sad day when Ruckeyser passed.

    The poster asked a simple logical question, he didn't need a smart ass, though Juan Valdez might.
  6. ??...............Juan Valdez..........a smart ass..............Oh my God! I forgot about that coffee trade I had on! Thanks Efficiency!
  7. watch his interview on google video - hmmm.. it's incredible what a pool boy can do with $10k. He's basically following the CANSLIM approach from William O'Neil.

    Based on the google video I wouldn't give him any money but he did turn 10k to 14 million.
  8. "
    I think I'd opt to worship Zanger before Livermore, or Buffett, or Lampert, or Dennis or Elliot, or Gann..

    Though Paul Tudor Jones and/or Seykota, would make pretty good false idols."

    His main approach was to fully max out on margin on high flyers and compound those returns fully leveraged. Any trader using risk strategies would mock that approach, even though he made it.

    I have a feeling that approach would get fleeced in today's environment as volume outside of large random program trades is drying up-- it seems like the brokers are making a killing fading (PTD) clients with large margin positions IMHO.

    Although, he does seem like one of the few great traders who was an outsider without inside info. For that, I give him mucho accolades.
  9. maybe some zanger traders can comment on this:

    so i checked out his interview and read some of the stuff on his web page... from what i got out of this.. he is a breakout trader who first utilizes the canslim system to select quality stocks, and then he uses technical analysis on them.... and only get into a stock when a stock break out of a pattern? (of course with other criterias too, such as the overall market health, etc)

    so is there a certain breakout pattern that he looks out for the most ? or just any pattern? cup and handle, head and shoulder, saucer, double bottom, double top, flag, pennant....

    i mean, i'm sure there are, and have been plenty of traders who uses technicals in conjunction with the canslim system, but what is he doing that's so different than the others... i would love to hear more about his breakout patterns from someone who is perhaps more familiar with his trading..

    also, on his web site he mentioned about earnings AND revenues, but it seems the canslim system doesn't really look for revenues... just earnings... or am i missing something?!?!

    I would really love to have an indepth talk with someone who is experienced with his system...... pm me if you want. maybe we can even chat on msn or yahoo if you like....
  10. from what you described thats how i do about 50% of my trades (today was an average day HMIT, STIY, SCEY, WWAT, BTEM, PCSV, and ,BRST)
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