Dan Zanger now shorting MA, RIMM, APPL and AMZN 4 horsemen

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  1. Just read the report. He is calling on shorting the 4 horsemen.
  2. The one I'm really surprised about is MA.

    I used to get Zanger's newsletter, but realized fairly quickly that his momo methodology is far less likely to work nearly as well now, compared to when he made his tidy fortune back in 1999 and 2000.
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    he is not.
  4. When MA got through 301, he specifically said that it was a sell.

    Actually, Zanger's momo style still works on a lot of stocks. There are plenty of shooting stars out there such as China stocks last year and energy stocks this year.

    However, Zanger only covers well traded well covered stocks that we all know of right now. High probability strategies. I believe thats the most responsible course for a trading newsletter.

    If he were to get into riskier strategies then the readers of the newsletter might lose their shirts if they cant execute. So he'll cover obvious trading patterns in stocks like Apple and Goog. Sometimes he will throw in a solar stock or two to make it interesting.

    Zanger now operates a hedge fund and so he cant utilize the same strategies that he did the past as well. He cant slip in and out of a Mexco energy. Plus at one point in 2000 he was down 30% in a few days which gave him quite a wakeup call...

  5. Looks like another great Zanger call. MA already down 3% for the day.
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    MA is one the 4 horsemen???

    I think not.

    GOOG is one of the 4 horsemen not MA.

  7. Zanger will lose a lot of money shorting these stocks.
  8. No he wont. The second the trade turns against him then he close the position. Right now he is glaring at 8 monitors studying the action as I type this.


  9. Do you have the name of the hedge fund and the performance ?
  10. regarless of how much he makes/lose these stocks are going higher.
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