Dan Sheridan's Mentor Training for Options Traders

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by jo78, Dec 26, 2007.

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    Any thoughts about Dan Sheridan's $6,000.00 educational course for option trading?
    Outside of "virtual trading," is there another way of options education, or does one have to stick both feet in and just start losing money?
  2. I went to one of his conferences at the CBOE. He's not a bad guy, very characteristic in a pretty funny way.

    He's a big income trader guy, who will mostly teach you condors and butterflies, and what he calls the "art" of adjusting.

    Not sure if the $6k is worth it for you. Either way you're *probably* going to be out that $6k since you can pay tuition to him or the market.

    You could take his course (year-long, $6k not bad IMO) or read everything you can about options, take a few courses here and there (non-promotional, maybe CBOE or PHLX webinars), and sim-trade a little. Then, when you feel you're ready, go ahead and trade. One little suggestion, trade something you know when you're doing options. I know that sounds a little contrarion to the normal mindset about options traders, but you're not going to make money being delta-neutral (unless you're a market maker on the floor). Don't trade the behemoth SPX as you'll be freaked out from flucuations of the large bid/ask spread. OEX and ETFs are fine, as well as the penny pilot listed options which has spreads like stocks now.
  3. Charismatic?
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    I've looked into that program and found it is really nothing more than group sessions. Although it is marketed as "Dan", in actuality, you get Dan's mentors, former students, etc... You are better off doing your own research, attending free seminars sponsored by the exchanges, etc... As the previously suggested, you will probably lose some amount of your capital as you learn so you may as well not spend it on something like that.
  5. Yes, sorry. It was a long night.