Dan Loeb's TPP for 16% off

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  1. You can buy shares in Dan Loeb's hedge fund either through the LSE (TPOU) or through the pink sheets (TPNTF). It's now trading at 16% off nav . . . not bad for a guy who should return 15%+ for the next few years. There's no reason for this to trade at a discount.

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  3. So what you are saying is, that the market is stupid and blind in this one instance, whereas overall it is very efficient? Or perhaps this supposition is incorrect... :cool:
  4. Looks like a reasonably good value, but the discount was 50% in December 2008.
  5. That's probably why it's still at a discount . . . lots of underwater sellers. Plus, this is a hedge fund traded as a partnership headquarted in Guernsey . . . not exactly alot of natural buyers out there for this. I figure that if Loeb can return ~20% in the next 12 months and get the NAV to ~$12, and the discount narrows, this could be a 40% return without too much risk.
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    Sheeeeeeeeeeeet, Mr. Pink, aka senor_pinche_wey, should pick up a few shares for himself.
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    They should have called me. I could have told them the color of his stripes.
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