Dan Fitzpatrick Of Real Money is Terrible

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by KevinK, Aug 5, 2005.

  1. KevinK

    KevinK Guest

    His column on friday and his reccomendations performance:

    SSI- (-$1.25 per share)
    AMT-(-$.70 per share)
    CEG-(-$1.50 per share)
    WSH-(-$1.25 per share)
    ACV-(-$1.45 per share)

    This is great proof that his Five Stocks Ready to Gain this Week completely missed, that you need to do your own work. Good luck.

  2. chud


    I lost 7% in a month and a half earlier this year trading off of Gary B. Smith of RealMoney's newsletter.
  3. KevinK

    KevinK Guest

    Yeah, they are all terrible and I am sad to say Cramer has the best performance of any of TSCM crew.

    I really don't understand how half these guys have a job.
  4. liulala


    Agree, the tech analysis guy at thestreet.com are just terrible, chartman is just a garbage. Just doubt can anyone make money using his newsletter.

    Crame is really sharp in sector rotation, make some good money using his AAP.

  5. Babak


    Meisler is ok, sometimes.
  6. liulala


    She is somewhat ok.

    Jeff cooper and Alan Farley's newsletter are also bad. They even refuse to have a portfolio to track their performance. All these tech analysis guys seem to be "good" at education, but cann't tade. Just as other snakeoil in the financial world.

    BTW, the stock under 10 guy are good in recent months. I have to give them credit. They seems change their style, really some very good pick. And finally know some money management rules, not blindly average down.

  7. liulala


    Just ignore this guy. His indicator has no magic. He contributes greatly to the short newsletter, the performance is just terrible, even in bear market.

  8. Considering the fact that there performance stinks, would'nt you consider taking an opposite position to counter-act there recommendations? I know I probably would. :D
  9. KevinK

    KevinK Guest

    Does anyone have experience with the marketwatch newsletters...I am just wondering because I would like to see if they blow away TSCM or if they are also shit.
  10. chud


    "The only thing we know for certain about technical analysis is that it's possible to make a living publishing a newsletter on the subject." - Martin Fridson
    #10     Aug 6, 2005