Damned if we do, and damned if we don't !

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  1. TM, by the measure of total production it was #2. It is as simple as that. After certain point, if a peron cannot grasp that 1 + 1 = 2, then there's not much I can do.

    I'm not trying to say that they were the second most productive, because that's measured on a per capita basis. Clearly in that case they were quite a way behind W Europeans and the Japanese.
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  2. I would definitely say japan was higher....Much higher...I would also say GB was to.....i don't know for sure but Im not using them as an example of why communism works....the bottom line though is China is jsut WAY down the list
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  3. msfe


    GB was and is way behind Germany, France and Italy
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  4. Prove it Mr. Cut and Paste........Im actually waiting for somebody to put something up:D
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  5. Prove what TM?

    Are you saying that you don't know the German economy is way bigger than the UK's?

    Geez, these are hardly guarded secrets!

    Go do some of your own research man; at least get some idea of the subject matter before wading in and calling every one else idiots!
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  6. first it was all about oil, then even the dumb ones gave up on that.

    Now its supposed to be about the dollar.

    They get more desperate by the minute.
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  7. What year? you provided 1978 statistics....I don't think Germany was way bigger then England in 1978.....today? possibly they had the benefit of uniting wiht another country....now back to the BUNG statement : 2/3 world industrial super powers were communist ( russia and China).....So far we know for sure that China was no where near that.....so....Russia? in '78??? Bigger then Germany and England? Japan?....Let me know if you have any info
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  8. TM, what's wrong with you?

    USSR: 9%

    Europe: 28


    As I told you, Europe is comprised of MANY nations, but if we say that the big four, UK, France, Italy and W Germany accounted for 90% of that, and the remaining slice was cut into four, then BASIC MATH shows that not one of them had a bigger share than the USSR.

    I chose the figures for 1978 because that's roughly when, depending on which sources you use/believe, the USSR's economy peaked. The question wasn't "how is it today", it was a historical question that tried to say that, at some point in time, some communist regimes were industrial powers.

    As for bungrider's claim, the facts do not support it at all.
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  9. msfe


    "benefit of uniting with another country"

    The modernization and integration of the eastern German economy continues to be a costly long-term problem, with annual transfers from west to east amounting to roughly $70 billion


    purchasing power parity - $2.184 trillion (2002 est.)

    United Kingdom

    purchasing power parity - $1.52 trillion (2002 est.)
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