Damned if we do, and damned if we don't !

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  1. ...this hostility is why I am tired of discussing politics on ET.

    I'm done with this conversation. I have better things to do -- like anything else -- than to be antagonized.

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  2. You are such a coward....
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  3. Thanks for proving my point.

    And by the way, did you beat the midget??
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  4. You make statements...typical liberal "Fascist" comments and then make false statemets about 2/3 of the worlds super industrial powers were communist....I take you to task and you won't answer.....You make a statement that ASHCROFT HAS TO GO!

    I ask simply: Who would you like to replace him and why?

    ....so you call him a Fascist......

    Im only asking you to stand up for your statements....you called him a Fascist....OK, we got that....who should have his job and why would you want him in that position? If yo don't have the answers thats fin Bung...but don't make the statements and then refuse to answer questions about your statements....that is the problem with the liberal party today.
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  5. The USSR constituted 9% of world GDP in 1978, compared to the US's 20%.

    Europe, combined, had 28%, but if you divide it by its four main economic powers, UK, France, W Germany and Italy, roughly equally, they were about 7% each.

    So, obviously the USSR was the 2nd biggest industrial nation at the time.

    Data fromUniversity of Groningen
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  6. Nice try but read again and remember how many countries were rolled up into USSR/RUSSIA?????? and we didn't ask for % of world GDP....we want each Country's GDP......England and Germany im positive had larger GDP then Russia.....but if you can show me something else, i'd be open to it.....BTW...even using your flawed % chart....the deomcracy of USA and Europe accounted for about 50% of the world GDP while the "two superindustrial powers of china and russi had 14%".....Using this chart alone proves Bung's assertion wrong...unless he's going to spin it again?
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  7. TM, in 1978 the nation was called the USSR.

    Who cares what the actual number was in 1978, you can still rank the economies by size just by knowing what % of world GDP they constituted. And by this measure, the USSR was 2nd.

    On what basis are you "sure" that the UK and W Germany had bigger shares back then? France, Italy and the UK's economies are roughly the same size today, was the UK's so much bigger in 1978?

    Look, there's no questions that market ecomonies produced more than the communist ones. It's ridiculous to suggest otherwise. However, it is also ridiculous to claim that the USSR wasn't an industrial power, because it clearly was. It just wasn't as productive as the West, clearly not.
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  10. Clearly it was the # 2 industrial power behind the USA??? Clearly? How about we make a little wager?
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