Damned if we do, and damned if we don't !

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  2. Yeah, what a bust the metric system was. Nevermind that there are only 3 countries in the entire world that haven't adopted it. (US, Liberia and Myanmar.)
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  3. ....but as you often point out....we are the only ones that matter...that's why your in an amercian chat board.....if America doesn't use it who cares? worthless and insignificant, much like you .....now , If I recall, i have a date with your dead grandmother this weekned don't I?:D
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  4. Positive test for terror toxins in Iraq

    MSNBC.com finds signs of ricin, botulinum at Islamic militants’ camp
    Tests like those used by U.N. weapons inspectors gave positive results for the toxins ricin and botulinum in a training camp linked to al-Qaida.

    By Preston Mendenhall

    SARGAT, Iraq, April 4 — MSNBC.com tests reveal evidence of the deadly toxins ricin and botulinum at a laboratory in a remote mountain region of northern Iraq allegedly used as a terrorist training camp by Islamic militants with ties to the al-Qaida terrorist network. The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency is conducting its own tests at the same area, but has not yet released the results, according to officials in northern Iraq.


    There is no connection .....its a US Lie......there is no chemicals and no terrorists......we made it all up......

    :D :D
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  5. OMG -- I totally thought that was real at first !!!

    (THAT is the SCARY part).

    Ashcroft has to go.
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  6. who would you like to see replace him and why?....
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  8. Because I don't want to live under a totalitarian, fascist regime.
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  9. you are showing your ignorance......Please tell me...Russia was a big INDUSTRIAL NATION???? One of the three biggest?....please do provide proof of this and i will apologize....For that matter up until the Japanese demise in the late 80's i doubt china was one of the three largest Industrial nations, but Im sure you have this info.???
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  10. I did not ask you why YOU DON'T LIKE HIM....don;t avoid questions with statements:

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