Damn, we're due for a bounce - where's PPT

Discussion in 'Trading' started by aaronk321, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. Where's the plunge protection team?
  2. The PPT doesn't exist.
  3. They're trying to salvage their own hedge funds.....GS...BSC....all making investments.
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    They're running their game, not yours. Best to realize this and go with the flow. Imagine an invisible hand of God and operating on a planet where scientific laws do not apply; You cannot know what will happen next, and you cannot rely on anything happening again like in the past.

    That's Mr. Market, as I know him :cool:
  5. It's going nowhere good. It's looking like it will plunge to the close unless someone start buying.
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    The bounce will come eventually, and the longer it is delayed the more vicious it will be as bandwagon shorts are blown out.

    ***Patiently Waiting***
  7. Today's volume is incredibly light, though. The big boys aren't invovled. More likely it's the amateur permabears who always get killed near the end of a pullback. The same people were selling around the 10th of March.
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  9. I see a revison to the mean coming EOD.

    Hopefully my chart isn't upside down.:D
  10. LOL

    Don :p
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