Damn We Are Going To Break 13,000 In The Dow Tomorrow!!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by BlueStreek, Aug 1, 2007.

  2. take off the caps lock idiot. Buying dips may not be the best play here but all you so called bears if all I can say is that it has been a long wait for you boys for us to get to this point and I reckon most of you wont get invloved here either as most of you dont even have a brokers account.
  3. Can ET be taken seriously anymore?

    Most are nit witz that do not truly trade and sit at their Cubical watching 'late quotes" tracking their 401K.

    I AM A BEAR, however, look at the % of the pull back. Does this really look like this is "SERIOUS".

    I wish somebody would create a true trading site, where you have to actual prove that you Trade, work in the industry, or at least know what the hell your talking about. Hey, what a second, there is, its called the SPEC LIST.....thank g-d its a closed list.

  4. I agree, total knobs
  5. Well, you have to admit it looks a little serious if the major averages fail to hold above their 200 day MA's and we get more debt implosions.
  6. News from down under about SUBS spooked the markets.

    Two sharp falls in the Futures points to a gap down.

    % wise, even with a gap down of 150 point, no need for panic.

    As a BEAR, I do not see a trend reversal, I see a shaking out of Weak Longs, those that got caught at the top.

    Market has been top heavy.....Margin Calls on the Late Longs.

    Unlease we see a capitualtion of 300 points off the open, as in massive liquidation, not looking serious.

    Remember, The INDU ran with zero pull back.
  7. segv


    Well I am not normally a pessimist, but according to my ticker Dow futures are down 131 in the overnight session as of this writing.
  8. I would say the Dow losing over 1,000 points in little over a week is pretty serious, if we break 13,000 which I think has a 60% probability of happening at some point tomorrow, then you can subtract another 250 points to the downside for the next week to two weeks on pure technical selling that takes awhile to unwind. But each person has their relative notion of serious damage, but this is serious market cap erosion in my opinion, which then has its own set of associated reactions.