Damn stock scams.

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  1. Gammaman


    God damn it, it irritates me that stock scams actually works. Got a spam Email monday that I should buy WWNG, and this rose 100% after the scam. Take a look:


    It went up 100% due to the scam

    For those who doesn´t know this scam principle, it is as follows:

    Send 250 millions emails that recommend a certain stock
    Ahead of this the spammer of course has bought many stocks for a low price
    3. Let the email work
    4. sell all the stocks after the victims has bought and cash in.

    BUT this time they spammers are beeing really bold.

    I got this a few hours ago:

    "Wednesday Traders Watch Notice!

    Yesterday we told you this stock would sky rocket, and today it did!
    Moving over 4.1 million shares, and up 100%.
    The stock doubled, and is going to double again tomorrow!
    There is an odour in the air a huge press release is coming out tomorrow!

    ww Energy Inc.
    Symbol : wwng
    Current: $.02
    Expected: $.54

    WWNG is hitting the news again Wednesday.
    Last big news release sent it through the roof.
    Easy walk in price for maximum returns.
    Grab WWNG Wednesday morning. "

    Actually they are running the scam 2 days in a row instead of dumping the stocks after day 1.

    This makes me sooo pissed. Those spammers will become millionaires after 1 f...... email, and here we fight with our company putting a lot of hours and keeping a high integrity year after year.

    Well. I think I will stop working for today, get drunk, close the company and open a beach bar in Tahiti, and after hours do a bit of spamming..

  2. ssblack


    I get them too, as I'm sure everyone else does. Once in awhile what happens is as you described - but - that's all it takes for them to get you watching them!
  3. received same spam e-mails. Any ideas how they obtained our mailing address? Have you clicked on any banner ads from this site? I did accidently, and the next day...stock and replica watch spam-mail. Has anyone else been spammed? We have this site in common, and I do not surf outside of ET, ET sponsor sites, yahoo finance, and bloomberg with this e-mail address and computer. My other address's were not spammed..
  4. Welcome to the strategy that's made me millions---it's great to short these suckers when they fly, the key is just finding as many shares as possible and watching out for multiple waves of spam that create squeezes over the course of a few weeks
  5. Gammaman


    I do not know from where they got my email. I have a company where we have some email adresses on our website. Probably harvested from there.
    I receive around 7000 spam emails per week. Our mailserver (Mdaemon takes care of approx 6.800 and outlook takes care of the rest. Approx 70 comes to my inbox, and I scan the heading before deleting, dono why I fell over this one monday, and actuallty read it.

    Well, it will be interesting to see today, whether this "junk-stock" continues to rise, after their 2:nd day scam.
    And NO, I am not abuyer
  6. Gammaman


    And of course, from Timothy, yet another Spamlink.. No thanks got plenty in my inbox. What a wanker
  7. shhhh... you brag too much :)
  8. You claim to short 2 cent stocks LOL
  9. they get your email from a targeted database thats sold to promoters
  10. ryank


    I also get phone calls at work from people wanting me to invest in oil wells, oil pipelines and once a company that said in their last SEC filing that they weren't sure they had enough cash to function going forward. Last week a guy wanted me to invest in a movie that is going to be made with some big name actress. If you think investment email spam is bad, try getting phone calls about it. Every time I get one I start thinking about the movie Boiler Room.
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