Damn right we would would come to our allies defense....

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  1. Portugal: U.S. 'best way' to have security
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    Published 3/10/2003 8:17 PM
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    LISBON, Portugal, March 10 (UPI) -- Portugal is siding with the United States on Iraq because Washington was "Portugal's best way to ensure national security," a Portuguese Cabinet minister said Monday.

    Foreign Minister Antonio Martins da Cruz told state radio that if Portugal were attacked, "it would be unlikely France and Germany would come to our rescue."

    His comments to RDP Antena 1 radio were monitored by the British Broadcasting Corp.

    He said: "Let us suppose Portugal, proper or its archipelagos, faced a threat, who would come to our rescue? The European Commission, France, Germany?

    "I think it would be NATO who would come to our rescue, in other words, it would be the U.S., no one else would defend us. For instance, during the 1996 mission in Bosnia, operations took place with the support of 20 satellites, of which only one was European," and the remainder belonged to the U.S.

    "If we were attacked, is that what they would offer to defend us? How curious is this: in Bosnia, when we were called to send soldiers urgently to that region, the U.S. had C-17 and C-130 planes, and France leased ferry boats, which during the summer are employed in tourist services to Corsica.

    "Is this how we are supposed to project our forces in Europe? Are they planning to defend us with ferry boats? I cannot envisage the European Commission protecting us from an attack in which highly developed weapons were employed," the foreign minister said.

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  2. They had also better hope they're not attacked during the summer, cuz ya know damn well the French won't give up their Corsican tours for the sake of the Portugese.
  3. roe


    Excuse me: who attacked Bosnia in 1996?
    Or was that not rather an internal conflict within what used to be known as Yugoslavia?

    And what did Portugal do to defend its former colony Timor L'Este (aka East Timor) when Indonesia took it over under the watchful eyes of Australia and the rest of the world?
    They had great fun in Lisboa antigua!

    How did Portugal use its Nato-membership to provide independence for its African colonies Angola and Moçambique?
    Ask the child soldiers in Africa how well Mamma Portugal looked after them when the "rebels" handed them rifles to shoot at their compatriotes

    And strange: would not its eastern neighbor Spain be the first to come to its rescue?
    After all, that is one of the EU and NATO member governments vigorously supporting the US policy on Iraq. Caramba!!!

    And finally, pray, tell us: who would even in their wildest dreams attack Portugal?
    France? Germany? The European Commission? Most likely if they do not comply with the many obligations under the various treaties that make them an EU member. They might be at the losing end in such a conflict!

    Muito obrigado, senhor Martins da Cruz!
  4. msfe


    how about the neighbouring Spanish war heroes - will they come to fight the N. Korean and Iraqi invasion forces on the Portuguese beaches or will that be left to the Maltese knights ?
  5. Look, everyone knows the greatest fighting force ever assembled, the most formidable man-for-man war machine known in the modern world, the force that would come to the aid of any attacked European nation, the Savior of the Downtrodden, the Protector of the Innocent, the Wreaker of Havoc on whatever foolish invader would dare risk its wrath, the Repulser of Evil, is none other than.......

    (dare I say it?)

    (dare! dare!)

    the Swiss Vatican Guard!
  6. :D :D :D :D
    I am truly shocked. Didn't you know that they generally only come to cause the combatants to get to positions of standoffs? They never put their phasers on any setting over a mild stun! :)
  7. Phasers?!? They haven't even discovered gunpowder yet!

    :) :) :D :D