Damn, is it over..

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  1. Are we going into a bear market? This fall is unrelenting..
  2. notouch


    The S&P is now down on the year. Massive double top on the monthly charts. And all this in a pre-election year (supposed to be a strong year for stocks). I think it's fair to say the bear is back.

    Futures are going to get hammered tonight.
  3. & i thought this was stock turder crawled up in the fetal position..leaking from his rectum after being sodomized by Big Ben (bear) himself.
  4. Yup.. I wonder how this will last. I guess this time it's for real. Feb 27 was just a warm up for this fall. We're below 200 ma for all of the indexes. fuck it.. I guess I've to take the losses.
  5. Heading into the 4:15PM close they are building a pretty solid amount of premium, currently at 8 points with 3 minutes left to the close.
  6. S2007S


    Just like the rise was unrelenting too.

    cnbc is going to have fun with this one tonight.

    Still waiting for that orange banner on top of the screen to see how far we are from record highs..

    :p :p :p :p :p :p :p

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    That's just a bit of profit taking from day traders. Asia and Europe will sell off and US futures will follow them down, at least if recent overnight action is followed.
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    Are you serious? I think the definition of a bear market is one down 20% from its highs and we aren't there yet. Everyone so quick to call this a bear market, lol.
  9. No---just hang on to your longs for another 500-600 point drop--then it will be over and we will be in a bear market. sheesh.
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    So you wait until it's down 20% until you start shorting? I'm not too worried about the definition of a bear market. The rallies are weak and sell offs are strong but orderly. Who knows how far it will go but for now the easy money is on the short side.
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