Damn.. crash tomorrow..

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  1. LOL.

    Just checked - the quote was from yesterday. Oh no. Mea Culpa.

    Time to repeat the mantra -

    This market will go up forever and ever and never ever go down.

    Better now?
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  2. damn, i feel like a clown. i guess we didn't sell off that much today. i didn't bother checking yesterday's close for the foreign market. i glad i got out of JASO yesterday. i was getting annoyed that it was going up today - damn glad i didn't jump in.

    anyone, gonna still bullish with the solar crap - eg. JASO,SOLF,TSL.. I'm gonna jump into JASO if it hits $20-$22 range. I want ACH at $25.
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  3. The SOLF trade is not over yet. On April 12th, the low of the day was at 12.66. Then on April 16th, the high was at 17.69. Retracements are usually 50% the height of the advance.

    17.69-12.66= 5.03

    5.03/2= 2.52

    17.69-2.52= 15.17

    On April 17th, the price was at 15 dollars. So the price retracement has been achieved. However, we usually see a double or triple bottom before we move on to the next leg. That double bottom will probably be achieved tommorrow at 15.

    Once the price target of 15 is reached then we can move forward to 20.

    15 is my price-line and no lower. This is not my theory, but the DOW theory and it shall be tested.
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  4. hah.. what the hell.. i'm in at $15 then.. but with a much lower buy amount.

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  5. That's quite a generalization. Japan is part of Asia, do you think japan is not developed? I've traveled to asia a few times, and the places I visited were quite developed. What I can say about it is, the most developed cities in Asia, like Shanghai, are more developed and advanced than the most developed US cities, but the worst slums there are worst than the worst in the US. There's a wider range over there
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  6. what's your analysis on JASO.. thansk

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  8. future are rocking right now..

    what are you talking about?? selling...LOL
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  9. heh.. i know.. a day too late.. just checked the futures..
    i'm all in tomorrow -- solar play and the casinos.. mpel/wynn..

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  10. Mvic


    :D :D
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