Damn Cleavage...

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  1. So I've got a house I rent out, and a prospective tenant schedules a walk through today....


    late 40's, well preserved, blond, sunglasses, black business suit, open to show just enough cleavage, heels...

    a MAJOR babe...[​IMG] [​IMG]

    I tried SO hard not to make it obvious, but they were there for me to look at, right?

    I kept saying, Arnie, Arnie, Arnie, now forget her appearance and how TOTALLY hot she is,
    just go through the regular tenant screening shtick....

    oh, screw that, I couldn't help it, of course I accepted her tenancy...
    maybe if she can't pay the rent, we could......:D
    oh, I hate myself for thinking such things....[​IMG]

    but ya-know, of course it(the cleavage) was on purpose,
    damn they know how to use it, don't they???
  2. Has she paid her rent on time?
  3. Well, she changed here mind and didn't want the house.
    I hope it wasn't my drooling that did it...:eek: :D
  4. .......remember Anette Benning in "The Grifters"? Now that's a tenant.
  5. Count yourself lucky. Now you can call her up and get down to business.
  6. subban


    You mean Angelica Houston. Anette Benning was'nt in that movie. And it was kind of sick how she was john cussack's mom in that movie and she started trying to seduce her own son. :eek:
  7. Annette Benning was most definitely in that movie laying on her skank ass paying the rent.

  8. Are you out of you're fucking mind? I made the bishop puke numerous times because of Annette Benning in The Grifters. Go rent it again.

    What concerns me is you remember the whole sick unsaid sexual nuance thing with Angelica Houston, but you don't remember Annette Benning. Hmmm....Mommy issues?
  9. I had to google it and your right ...BOTH women were nominated for Oscars...depressing film but great actors...

    wasn't there an earlier film called "the Grifters" with Paul Newman? book written in 1963 so perhaps late 60's early 70's?
  10. There is much to be said for cleavage (of any size). However, let us always remember: all's well that ends well.
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