Dam IB logged off 3 times...

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by Digs, Nov 20, 2003.

  1. blb078


    i think the problem is that for the past few days a lot of people have been having problems, up until this past week i've never had a problem, i had mine log off twice early this morning, and i know it's not my internet connection, and i'm sure with this many recent complaints, everyone net connection it's going down or bad at the same time.
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  2. maxpi


    Could be their ISP
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  3. I doubt it is the ISP, as I was using the ISP to chat with IB guy so he could tell me he cant verify positions. I also used the ISP to watch the price move against my unknown position on another non futures trading platform. I also used the ISP to check on this website to see if there was annoucement. Thats how I found this thread. So no, I do not think it was the ISP.

    By the way, I was getting so many disconnect reconnects this afternoon that I quit trading. Could not trust it. I guess IB does not need my commish. My other data platform and options trading platform just kept ticking reliably along, while I emailed and instant messaged. So I dont think it was the fucking ISP this afternoon, either.
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  4. mbradley, have you seen the post where you can add some code
    to the string in TWS where it can help make TWS more stable?
    I think it is either the NYSE stops don't work with IB (something
    like that) or one of the other posts where I was griping about IB.
    I added the code and it seems to have made a difference. I didn't
    get disconnected once today and yesterday for only about 10
    seconds which is a big diffference for me... I am going to go look
    for it and when I find it will post the link here... Heck, now I think
    of it, it might be in this thread?...
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  5. Nope, not in this thread, just read it and it is not here...
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  7. Hmmm, just read some of the thread and my prob might have
    been because I am using ATI cards. This might not help with
    other cards?... But it might be worth a shot... :)
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  8. Been with Ib for 6 months, very little down time at all so far. Question is, when posts talk about having back up broker, how is that going to help with positions I have on at another broker. You saying I could tell Real Tick or someone else "Hey I put on a position at IB and they are down and the markets crashing, could you do me a favor and get me out of those positions? Doesn't sound likely, or just talking about going the opposite direction at other broker?
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  9. maxpi


    It still could be your ISP. I work in electronics, communications a lot, some other stuff. I have two dialup ISP's, one will always connect me at 56k the other one will connect me at a slower speed a lot of the time. If their criteria are different due to noise on the line then IB's criteria might be doing something similar, your ISP does not have to be stopped to be unreliable enough for IB to call the connection bad. I doubt that I am going to get much technical info out of IB regarding this but if I notice a difference with IB when switching ISP's I will post something here.

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  10. Hmm. So if IB thinks your ISP is unreliable then they yank TWS
    off your computer when you are long 5 contracts and while IB is
    thinking about this the terrorists blow up NY and before you know
    it your account is blown to smithereens? I see NO reason
    whatsoever for IB to disconnect TWS at any time of the day...
    There is not one single good reason to do this. Not one...

    Maybe one. They have just had their security breached and you
    happen to be on that server?... :eek:
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