Dam IB logged off 3 times...

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by Digs, Nov 20, 2003.

  1. Just so you are aware def, at least this customer couldnt reconnect for a good 20 minutes. If a customer wants to trade a large account with IB.....does he need an equally large account with another broker simply as a "lifeboat"???
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  2. Just got slammed again. Time is exactly 5:30 Pacific Standard Time. No idea what server I am on. I really don't have much confidence in this broker anymore. I dont think they take this business seriously. I guess I'll finally have to come to terms with the idea of filling out the paperwork for another broker. I hate paperwork. But the alternative is getting stuck time after time. By the way, anyone thinking of starting a new account should know that if you have to call IB to close out a position, you are automatically charged $30 bucks!!! So the way it works out is that they actually get rewarded with additional cash flow each time the system crashes!!! Pretty sharp.
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  3. I wonder what would happen if I posted the number of hours between each "system crash". Maybe it would be a good idea if we all did that periodically. At some point you would have a pretty accurate idea of just how reliable each brokerage is. I'll start now. Its been 12 minutes since IB disconnected last.
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  4. They waive the charge if it is their fault and the system is down.....the problem is GETTING THRU!
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  5. CalTrader

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    Well maybe a good strategy would be to get a US based team to support your US based customers - or is all your business coming from Hong Kong ?

    FYI we had no problem yesterday even with the re-route. ITs a good thing to actually tell people exactly what the problem was and how it was resolved. In the absence of explanations folks will make up their own reasons for unexplained issues.
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  6. Quah


    Why would you be asking IB for formal answers about this through ET instead of directly with them? Doesn't make much sense.
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  7. ramora


    I agree it doesn't make sense. I called and also emailed and did not get a response yesterday.

    For the size of the customer base there should be better technical support.
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    Does the IB software automatically log back on? I'm working on autotrading system with them and it could live with outages probably but it would be a lot better if it logged back in automatically.
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  9. If IB just disconnects for a few minutes it logs back on, but if it
    dissapears completely it does not log back on by itself... A few
    days ago mine just dissapeared and I couldn't get it to log back
    on for about 5 minutes or so.
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  10. IB TWS is perfoming a "disconnect/reconnect cycle" when it thinks that connection quality is insufficient. In fact it is a safeguard to prevent customers form sending orders over an instable connection. I wonder why some IB customers seem to have a lot of these probems and others have almost zero disconnections.
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