Dam IB logged off 3 times...

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by Digs, Nov 20, 2003.

  1. demonet


    I had not had a problem with IB for months...and in the last 3 weeks or so, I have had 4 days where I lost data for 3 minute periods 2 or 3 times during that day.

    This is nuts. If there are any reps from IB listening/reading....you better start doing something b/c there are A LOT of brokers these days who can now compete with your commissions....you need to start resolving this issue or you will have an exodus on your hands.....
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  2. There is a problem of reliability of a different kind too. I reported here some time ago that my balance was out of whack when compared to what IB TWS was reporting. The thing got resolved the same day just when the TWS crashed (and I am on Windows XP Pro and I had not had a crash in more than 3 months in any program I use) and things returned to normal. Now, curious as it is, this tells you that IB does have some problems running their software.
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  3. This is no joke. I pressed the sell button on the futures the exact moment it went dead the first time. 10 seconds later the market went a tear up and I thought I was dead. For ten minutes I was in a panick. Email chat guy said he could not confirm positions...man. Whne it finally came back on, I was lucky to be flat. The order just barely missed being sent, Im sure.
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  4. shneed


    It seems like the only time IB reps show up on these boards is to defend IB from some sort of attack, when nothing is at stake. Now when there is widespread evidence of outages for the past several weeks, no one is around. Before they realized that they have a problem this morning I was told it was my ISP.

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  5. RAY


    Well, The first outage went before I could set my stops, and of course the market moved against me.

    I was down approx 1.8k, and then I decided to be a hero and trade my way out of my position, so I added to it. Guess what another frigging outage!

    I am a little pissed and now I am going to kick this markets ass! Ya baby!

    I finally realized that I was a fool, and took the 7K+ loss.

    My loss was not really IB's (edit: fault). I should have just got out when I finally logged back in, for the 1.5k loss... But I had to be the hero.

    P.S. there is obviously a VERY large buyer of the S&P (even at non-arb-protected prices).
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  6. October


    I've used IB on the HK server for 2 years and can only remember maybe three times where i've been kicked off for more than ten seconds. Only thing is, i'm logged out due to maintenance from 3:10/15 to 3:40/45 for 6 months out of the year.
    No problems today.
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  7. ramora


    Dropped off 2 times today as well.

    I also have a JTrader account which was more solid in the past. I was using IB because of AutoTrader front end. Not worth using the UI if the system drops out 1 or 2 times a week.

    Back to JTrader.

    I agree that the IB rep is only around to wave the IB flag to collect newbes and not to explain why the system cannot stay up. Phone support is worthless.
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  8. Ditch


    Off late their quotes are also lagging, something i've never seen in the past.
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  9. Second the motion...
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  10. You guys are pussies... my UK ADSL connection goes down a few seconds dozens of times per day . Just RELAAXX!!!! and stop hitting that T button all the time :cool:
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