Dam IB logged off 3 times...

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by Digs, Nov 20, 2003.

  1. My Gorsh, no wonder IB's customer service does not want to be
    bothered. They have all kinds of things hooked to their heads... :D
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  2. taodr


    Scientist.. You must have been artificially inseminated !! Glad you live In the outback.

    HEh Heh Heh
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  3. DTK


    Haha… That’s hilarious. (I used to be a Trekkie)
    I still think IB is fantastic (I’m a stock and options guy) & think that def et al are doing a fantastic job. The only thing that they ever did over the years that really threw me off and made me have to adapt more than I really cared to was the new charge for changing or canceling options orders. Hmm… Guess I’m just part of the collective. Speaking of the borg, am I alone in thinking that Seven of Nine in Voyager is super hot? That alone is reason to sign up…


    Enough GG/Aphie ing (posting instead of trading)…

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  4. franklin


    Thanks Jon (and Def). "More fault tolerance" seems to be the point, in that your systems are not recovering fast enough from outside disruptions or unexpected loads.

    On a practical note, if you can get trade-affecting disruptions during the most active trading hours down to less than once a month, then many of us would probably stop complaining about it. :)
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  5. mktman



    I think Tradestation uses rounded cables for connections better airflow whereas IB still using ribbon cables.


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  6. Cutten


    Do IB have give-ups or cross-margining with other brokers then? If so, it's the first thing I heard about it. If not, then you don't have proper backup, due to the risk of a margin call and subsequent forced liquidation of your offsetting hedge in the other account.

    The only alternative is never to use leverage AND to have equal capital at both accounts. So your maximum position size would be face value of 50% of your total capital - a complete joke for any serious trader.

    In any case, using a backup broker is still potentially extremely costly in terms of delays. Imagine trying to offset a trade on Sep 11th if your main broker went down and was unreachable on the phone - you wouldn't know what your position was, and even if you did you would probably take dozens of ticks in slippage by the time you had changed over to your backup broker. It would be pure chaos. Don't try and make out that connection unreliability is anything other than extremely costly for active traders.
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  7. hedge1


    Are you familiar with King Securities? King was the clearing firm for the old Datek.
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