Dam IB logged off 3 times...

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by Digs, Nov 20, 2003.

  1. Digs


    While I am in a trade.......help....

    Need new broker..

    Any one else...
  2. I can't get in right now...

    no diffciulty with any others!

    This is a problem; and always seems to happen on days when there is some large reversal. Option expiry week ain't a great time for this issue!

    Real disappointed!!

  3. 4 disconnects today! This never happened to me when I was with Datek!
  4. Any comments? Is it any better than IB? IB has a very bad reputation as far as reliability of connection goes from what I have read here and unfortunately today I have had a dubious pleasure to experience it myself 4 times!
  5. IB seems to be like the old Jaguars.....if you use them make sure you have another vehicle to offset!
  6. This is weird. I should be having more disconnects than anyone.
    I have not had one today. I should of had at least 5 by now...

    Time to look at Tradestation?... :confused:
  7. We need bobcathy1 to talk here. She was at IB and is now with
    Tradestation. Tell us the story of how TS is better than IB... :p
  8. MORE


    disconnected 3 times too today

    16:21 to 16:27

    16:47 to 16:50

    16:51 to 16:53

    CET time
  9. Its technically possible that IB is playing a game with their users. They seem to have the worst trouble when the market move in an unexpected direction. Maybe against there position????
  10. When IB blew a sell stop last week the stock (POT) was going
    straight up like a rocket at the time... One hour later, the stop
    went into effect... nice...
    #10     Nov 20, 2003