Dalton 2018 intensive

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  1. Any one interested in chipping in money and sharing the videos/reports?
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    I still haven’t received my AL Brooks tapes that I have on layaway..Can I get back to you?
  3. not sure who that is. but I have some of his (Dalton) old intensive series I can share. But looking to share the cost with this one. I have 1 other person interested so price would be reasonable
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  4. I'm not looking to join your offer - but just to let you know I worked with him and one of his associates and his work back then was brilliant. This was a long while back, but they produced great work. The CBOE bought his product for use in the classroom at The Options Institute. I would not have thought he was still active, but their options work was great.
  5. if any one is interested I have the videos/material I can share with you. Pm me
  6. Hi, I am new to a trading & market profile and I am interested in the dalton intensive material. Are you still sharing it? I don't mind chipping in if it is resonable.
  7. pmed you
  8. I'd really encourage you guys to take the course with Jim each on your own, maybe you can get some kind of discount as a group.
    They do immersion training, which means the most valuable part of the course is following the market live with the coach. I cannot overstate the value.
    They do a mini intensive in a few weeks, there was even a contest where you could win free seats, I think it's over though, but give them a shout anyway and see what happens.
    They really teach trading. And yes I am a client, and I will be returning for the next intensive.
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    Yes, I am. thanks.
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