Dallas TraderSexpo June 2011

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by Fleming Snopes, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. I see that on June 15-18 2011 Dallas traders and wannabees have the dubious opportunity to lose their trade show virginity:


    No longer will it be necessary to make the arduous Trailways trip to Vegas, NYC or LA willingly and eagerly to be conned huckstered and deceived. If you do come, don't leave Reunion Arena after dark. Mean streets.
  2. Redneck has offered to buy me a drink if I show up. Mebbe we kin git a tabbel a ar kinfokes tergether. Weal hafter chick out tha rools thar on cornsealed carry fust. Ah ain a cummin nekkid.
  3. Redneck


    I'm in...

    And no nekkid-ness please :eek: :p :p

  4. I registered last week. All predicated upon my living that long. Which with a quart of Dripping Springs a day is problematic. I forget, wherefrom does y'all come? I b'lieve there are a Greyhound terminal convenienty nearby. I myself will be bicycling, lost my license for too many DWIs.