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  1. Ok, I spend about half my time in Chicago and the other half here. I am learning to cope with the weather (baseball sized hail?) and now expanding the dining horizons. I've been here about a year now and have done most of the tourist traps and now I am looking for the regular hangouts. Although I gotta' tell ya', when I need BBQ I do have to head back to Chicago. So far! :)
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    Welcome to Dallas, canyonman00. I live in Frisco.

    We came to Dallas in '82 and love it (except the heat).

    Maybe we could meet for some "real" BBQ sometime :)

  3. If it's anything like what I've been getting, I'll have to take a raincheck and bring you some back when I pop back to Chicago. :)
  4. "Equities in DALLAS!" MOUHAHAHA

    Score brownie points by citing the source of this quote.
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    I believe that the source of that quote (and attitude ) is John Geutfriend...

  6. Close enough ;) Liar's Poker is source, I dunno if anyone actually says it literally but they do make fun of equities in dallas.
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    You might have to at that. I like the stuff here, but then I am not
    world traveller.
  8. Can someone give me a list of all the Dallas daytrading firms out there? Thanks.
  9. I am seriously looking into possibly setting up a nice high quality trader's spot down here. A cafe of sorts if you will. I'm going to spend the next few weeks scouting a possible location for it. It will probably be a combination setup also housing part of my data warehousing venture and a start-up high-speed ISP (mostly gaming based, hey gotta' go with the revenue base).

    Does anyone know of any local trader's/investment clubs, or individuals, who might like great access to tons software and quality hardware? :)
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    www.afta-dfw.org Largest Tech Analysis chapter in the country.

    Meets once a month Sept to May.



    Speakers are not allowed to sale product or make major sales pitches. There are and do speak about the markets and their expertise.

    the current schedule nevers gets firmed up until Sept so there isn't much listed on the new calendar year.

    100 bucks a year and the speaks are the industries biggest players.

    One of the chapter members has more trading software than anyone I've ever met!

    I'm born and raised here(44 years now) and live in the Garland area. Name the place you want to meet up for coffee or something and I will show up.

    Someone asked about prop shops in Dallas, Aren't many left at all. Bright is the main one with an office. Central @LBJ

    BBQ Solly's on Beltline Road in Addison for one, there are several others that are equally as good.

    Or pm if you like and we can figure out a place for a Dallas group meet and greet.

    Bsulli :p
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