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  1. Anybody on here trade in the Dallas or Fort Worth area of Texas?? I am looking to move there in a few months from another area in Texas , and wanted to know where the best places to live in DFW were. Also, is there any other traders who would like to maybe start a trading group...not so much to trade together but just a group of us to maybe go out for drinks, etc....to give comraderie more than anything. Let me know...thank you.

  2. When William Tecumseh Sherman said "If I owned both Hell and Texas I would live in Hell and rent out Texas", he was talking about here. Over 100 every day, traffic like a demolition derby, $3.75 gas, $2.49 a pound tomatoes, and women who need it maybe once a year. The women I can take, but the tomatoes? Allen is nice, if only for the new upscale center with a Market Street and a Cru. There is a very active traders group called AfTA, see their website. But don't contact me, I am too busy trying to chase 365 women a year so I can get some every day.
  3. Are you single, married, married w/ kids? Where to live's going to vary greatly depending on your criteria. We lived in Allen for 7 years, 1999-2006, and I think of it more as family-centric. Dallas traffic sucks, I've been in more congested traffic (San Jose, northeast), but never such rude traffic, so try to live close to where you are going to hang out the most is my advice. We lived in Austin for a year 2006-2007 and moved back to be near family, we live in Mckinney now. I've lived in Richardson and Plano also. My husband grew up in Garland (it's changed a lot since then, though). To be honest, I'd take Austin over any place in the DFW area (we lived in Austin for a year), but my family isn't budging and I want to be close to them while the kids are too small to travel back and forth well.

    hypostomus is right, women here can be a little stuck-up, especially the good-looking ones. I'd honestly recommend internet dating sites or churches for meeting women, most of my male single friends (some are now married!) seemed to have the best luck that way. One friend did meet his future wife at a Friends of the Opera event.

    Also, what are you into as far as hobbies? That should probably be factored in when you look at where to live, too. The White Rock Lake area has a lot of cyclists and runners. In Plano, the main forms of entertainment seem to be eating out and going to the movies.
  4. Oh, Susannah! You are jiving him about the culture in Dallas. As soon as you roll over the rise going west on I-30 at Rockwall your ears pop from the cultural vacuum. You can suck all the kulcha DFW has to offer in one day in Foat Wuth and an afternoon in Big D. Even the classical music on WRR sucks compared to what SoCal and SanFran play. The problem with Norte Tejas women is not a local phenom. They are mostly Yangtzees now. You like Austin? No offense, but it's StonerTown. It's not laid back, it's broke down. Got you pegged if you live in McKinley. Cheap house, heavenly gas bill. You drive right by me to get to work. You got Plano-ites all wrong. We spend all our time cutting the grass with scissors and trying to make agapanthus grow where it doesn't want to. That's why we drink so much $16 Gloria from World Market. For entertainment we watch the traffic northbound on 75 at 5PM and say "Thank God we can afford to live down here!" Look for a woman at church or the opera? Do you REALLY want to be going there the rest of your life? At my place the wife and I start the evening out with Domaine Carneros '04 and finish off with the Gloria, light the tiki torches, and dance naked at midnight in the sprinklers singing and dancing "Boom chucka lucka lucka! Boom chucka lucka lucka! Boom chucka lucka lucka! Boom!" like in "Stripes". It works for us. On the other hand, I sit at my study window trading and watch the Mexican humming birds cavorting in the big Crape and the Mexican laborers sweating in my palatial grounds (I own only as much land as I can afford to water). Life is good. And the trading is the same no matter where you live. Because "Wherever you go, there you are!"
  5. Well my reason for going that way was to get out of an area with $4.00 gas, no nightlife, and the oil town women...(no offense to any good quality oil town women)...and I already am used to the 100 degree temps

    Yes I am single....liked to hit the clubs when I went to college down there (TCU), and I actually thought about living in Fort Worth...maybe near Sundance Square....get some nightlife and be in a less congested area. I also had thought about an apartment Uptown maybe...just to be close to all of the activities and such over near McKinney Ave. and also be close to the clubs down in Deep Ellum.

    As far as women go...damn that makes me mad...I'm in my mid to late twenties and would really like to find a girl....would FW be any better for this than D?? I didn't really look for one when I was at TCU...in fact I quit school after 1 year due to some family problems......thanks for all of your advice!
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    I live in DFW as well. Plano and Richardson are nice places to live. Would be interested in a trading group.
  7. Oh! Now all is clear! You want to trade AND get laid. Lookers in DFW do not read (don't go to B&N or Borders). They do not pump their own gas. They certainly don't go to church unless they have babies they want you to feed. Look for women in the bars here. Sundance is good. McKinney Avenue is good. In fact, any bar is good. On a Sunday AM, do you want to be rolling around in bed fooling around and drinking mimosas, or getting dressed for church? But in truth, the best women are found in LA (Lower Alabama) or in the nearby slums of Miss'sippi west of Mobile. They all have dimples, impressive sexual appetites, and sweet southern drawls. Of course they are all fat, but fat girls appreciate the attention and need it morning noon and night. Their fat little bodies are so hot you can set the thermostat lower on winter nights and save more money for booze. And after while you can move them to Big D where the restaurants and shopping are better. But choose well. Fat girls only get fatter. Check out her mother first. Not only to see what your woman might look like at my age, but to see if mama likes you better than daughter does. This IS the South, after all.
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    I've lived in New York City, Austin, and Fort Worth. All three locations have declined in quality of life. Have lived in Fort Worth for over 20 years and I'm sure there are better places.....of course, the places with great climate, geography, etc. are all more expensive. It is real hot here now, 100+, but we have a lot of nice days in the winter. Of course, Texas has no state income tax and it is easy to get a permit to carry a gun. I don't run across many people who know much about trading.....but if you are young and single, it might be fun to live downtown in Sundance Square....and not all the girls are fat...just most. I think Bass Brothers Co. has a large trading department. Just remember that Fort Worth got on the map as "Cowtown." Actually, Austin would be the best in Texas......more intellectually stimulating, lots of women, beautiful area, etc. if you can take the heat. Austin is sometimes referred to as "Berkeley in Texas"....lots of gov't employees and professors. I'm an old fart and trade at home.....not really looking for more social interaction. Good luck. Stoslh
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    I live in Trophy Club. Close to the airport. 25 minutes from Dallas or Ft. Worth. Shopping and Movies/Dining are great and close and it's not yet gotten over grown. Traffic is bad if you have to go to Dallas during rush hour otherwise it's not to bad.

  10. I'll be in Dallas in early October. Can anyone recommend some nice places to visit? Thanks!
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