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  1. rt5909


    I currently live in the Dallas/Fort Worth TX area. I am looking for an office type setting to trade in. I have my own funding, own equipment etc, I am NOT looking for a prop shop or anything of that sort, just a group of independent traders sharing an office. I trade various commodity futures, so that would be my preference to work around. Worked in this type of environment in the past, and would like to do so again. Looking for DFW or Houston TX area. Just curious if something is out there...
  2. I am visiting Dallas soon, be happy to meet traders there.
  3. Pretty much in the same position as you, looking for an office to share with other traders, and trading mostly futures with my own funding and equipment, I'm in Houston, uptown right by the Galleria, and want something close.
  4. An office would be cool.

    Right now, the best I can offer you is my Skype name and my blog address where I post my thoughts about trades I'm making.

    I like the concept of trading in a group. It helps me to perform at a higher level. Let me know if you find anything.