Dallas Fed President Richard Fischer: We will become insolvent,the question is when

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Larson, Mar 23, 2011.

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    The man's conscience must finally be bothering him.
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  4. Bold statement by one of the chief officers of the Fed.
  5. fanews


    Goldman Sachs and the US FED motto:

    "In Satan we trust"

    Satan is their God.

    In wall street, the punks worship money. Greed is good in wall street. Bernie Madoff thinks he is a 'good person' just playing along and helping his clients. Bernie Madoff is the 'average hedge fund manager' in Wall street.

    Truly evil people have no morals, no soul, and no conscience. Just like Gaddafi, Gaddafi believes his is doing good by killing his own citizens and freeing them from colonism.

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    USA will be fine. The world will be fine. When the aliens visit the planet earth, that is when earth civilization collapse.

    In the meantime, buy gold!