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Discussion in 'Economics' started by steeldust, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. wasnt it only a few months ago that he said that US tres.is the best place to put your money and what were the alternatives? i think the 10 yr yield was around 3.9%. now this guy can't shut up about inflation and basically negative comments concerning the bonds. did the economy change that much in that short of time or did greenspan send over some goons and have a talk with fischer,telling him to smarten up. i thought these guys were supposed to be independent?

    i wonder what yield target the fed hasin mind for the 10yr? 5%? cause they are trying their hardest to get that yeild going up.
  2. this guy is on his way from "eight inning" Fischer to "eight cold one" Fischer
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    Totally. His "eighth inning" comment was his first time on TV. The Fed came out 1/2 hour after his comments and basically reversed them. Greenie sent the goon squad for sure.