Dallas-based Option Traders

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  1. Hello Fellow-Traders,
    A few of us serious option traders get together every month in north dallas to discuss advanced options strategies and risk management.

    This posting is an effort to reach out to other serious option traders who are interested in getting together with us and learn from each other. All of us are professionals (Lawyers, Engineers, Doctors, business-folks) with a large part of our networth that we actively manage in an active trading brokerage. We use a combination of alert services, shared backtesting software and construct our of option based strategies and share it with the rest of the group. Minimum expectation is that you know how to read the greeks and some combination of adjustments if the market moves against you.

    If interested, PM me and I'll let you know of our next get-together.

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    Mike, did you ever get any traction with this ?