Dalio: Stagflation coming...

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    Great interview, Ray dalio mention the prospect of stagflation becoming more likely.
    Hence we should wonder, what type of stocks are likely to be stagflation proof?
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    Perhaps that is why the establishment are pushing people to take the injection. Sick (or worse) people may not revolt against the government when they lose their income.
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    Not going to listen to somebody who thinks a regime's atrocities committed against their own people is just it being a "strict parent". LOL
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    Just another globalist scumbag. Bet he lives in Singapore or Thailand. Most of these globalists love those places of course after looting the west.
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  7. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    The Fed will save us.

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    So what will be the excuse for when the banksters otc derivative nuclear bomb detonates? 20 times global GDP or even more now?

    Putin or the virus?
  9. I have been saying this for the last 5 God damn years..... Don't forget to add the European slow growth model and a lost generation Japanese style. Some demographic will be sacrificed to keep the Kool aid bowl full. ....Those wage monkey's 401k funds are looking pretty tasty right now...