Dalian Commodity Exchange, China

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    Is this market closed for foreigners, like the stock markets? They do some good numbers in Soy Meal and Corn amongst others.
  2. I doubt I would want to open an account to trade in China... Not until they have a real democratic govt (as opposed to the self-entrenched Maoists...)
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    I'm very, very interested as well. The volume they're doing in soybean is also catching up to Chicago.
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    According to Sohu, most popular commodity contracts in China include:


    Dalian - Soybean: A, 10 tons/contract, priced in RMB per ton, 5% margin. (Clearing fee: 4 RMB)

    Dalian - Soybean Meal: M, 10 tons/contract, priced in RMB per ton, 7% margin. (Clearing fee: 3 RMB)

    Zhengzhou - Wheat: WT, 10 tons/contract, priced RMB/ton, 5% margin. (2 RMB clearing)

    Zhengzhou - "High Gluten Wheat": WS, all other parameters same as wheat.

    Shanghai - Copper: CU, 5 tons/contract, priced in RMB per ton, 5% margin, clearing fee <0.02%.

    Shanghai - Aluminum: AL, same as copper, 5 RMB clearing fee.

    Shanghai - Natural rubber: RU, same as AL.

    And a few newer instruments:

    Zhengzhou - Cotton: CF, 5 tons/contract, RMBs per ton, 7% margin, 8 RMB clearing.

    Corn and heating oil are also major listed contracts, but specs aren't given.
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    IB... Ya heard?
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    Don't mind me, I'm just going to use this thread to collect some online stuff I've always wanted to research.

    Downloadable trading software front-ends, courtesy of CITICS, China Futures Co, Ltd.:

  7. Have to get my glasses. For a moment that link turned up Asian characters...
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    Well&#65292; the info is not that up-to-date actually, in additional to those mentioned above, there are some other products like Zhengzhou Sugar, Dalian Soybean Oil, Dalian Palm Oil, Shanghai deformed steel bar etc

    btw, the specs of corn and heating oil are both 10 tons/contract

    the min price movement for ag is 1.00 RMB, for metal like AL, RU, ZN are all 5.00RMB, for oils are 2.00 RMB

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