Dakar Rally Cancelled

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Westward, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. Westward


    Well the fun governors won again. Some ignorant islamic group threatened the Dakar for some stupid reason and they cancelled it.

    There is not a race in the world like it and it would've been 30 years straight.

    I HATE THOSE EFFING PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL OF EM
  2. Turok


    Yeah, I was so bummed when I learned this earlier. I can't imagine how it must be for the competitors who worked so hard to get ready.

  3. This may be why the market tanked today.
  4. Someone will chart it, thennnnn coming to a book store near you.

    Drum roll.....the Timmay sequel.... How I turned $120 I made from selling penicls into 2 million trading stocks on the little known Paris Dakur rally effecct on the Dow.
  5. Sucks....Mauritania saying theres not really a problem, another country (mali?) was canned already.

    What, the rally wasnt dangerous enough for the insurers, but some threats make it uninsurable.
    Bastards. Was looking forward to that.........

    No doubt, they will start trying it out on all the big events, Le tour is already half canned from drugs, they really shouldnt be messing with sports.

    Maybe a new rally is in order-they could just do circuits of spain/france, russia would be keen to hold it, tonnes of space.

    You dont need camels and sandunes to make a rally.
  6. Lame. Thats always an amazing race to watch.