daily volume, float & volatility

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  1. I recently ran into some explicit analysis on the correlation between daily volume, float and volatility but heck, I can’t find it back. Next to measuring actual (realized) volatility this would be a proxy for “potential” future volatility. Something like: small daily volume, even on high volume days, relative to the float, would indicate the ability to absorb most shocks and reduce the potential for wild swings and gaps.

    Makes sense, I do get the picture but was interested in some figures, percentages etc. of how this works out in practice. Any practical thoughts, examples, studies etc. would be highly appreciated. TIA.
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    Not a prediction, and;
    has a helpful read on volume Aug

    Volume is worthy of study and spikes dont necesarily mark bottoms/tops ,however like to observe them any way like
    7-20-05 ,126+million day on INTC

    And while LFL is a small volume , mostly orderly stock;
    mabe related to William O' Neill's IBD coverage of technicals, perhaps more than small volume???????:cool:

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