Daily Trading Townhall/Roast

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by William Rennick, Aug 10, 2009.

Do you want a Daily Trading Townhall/Roast

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  1. Ok Fellas,
    Lets liven this joint up. I propose a Daily Trading Townhall/Roast featuring an established ET member or Moderator as the guest of honor aka The Roastee. Each day Monday through Friday at the sound of the closing bell the ET Trading Townhall will adjourn. The entire ET communuity will have a chance to pick the brain, ask hard questions, or fire a ripe tomato at that days featured ETer. The rules should be simple and few.

    The main rule should be that the questions mainly pertain to Trading, otherwise this will get thrown in Chat. The second rule should be that the brave Guest of Honor/Roastee must agree to answer questions, or take fire for a determined amount of time. I recommend until 8 pm EST at minimum.

    We also need someone to pcik the daily Guest of Honor. Perhaps we could get a volunteer to run a daily poll (during market hours) with 4 ET member choices who agree to be the Guest of Honor. This would be democratic and allow ETers to vote. Once an Eter is the guest he/she is not eligible again until everyone has had their turn at bat. Most likely they won't want to do it again anyway :D .

    To kick this off we need to pick someone to coordinate and run the daily poll for a guest. No PM's, just volunteer here in the open if you want to do it. Once we get a guest coordinator I will throw my name in the hat to be on the Roastee list.

    Lets do it, if those Healthcare Townhalls are an indicator this should be a riot!!

    Rennick out :cool:

    ps. To the Mods and Powers that be, lets keep this in the prime location of Trading. If we keep it mostly on topic it is where it belongs. This has huge potential to be a ratings monster.
  2. Are you suggesting somebody will have answers as to what the hell happened in the stock market? A Monday morning quarterback?
  3. I'm not sure how this will work, but as long as it stays on TRADING, it can stay here.
  4. Thanks Ivan.
    OK, we have a green light. Now whatever it takes to fire up the Townhall/Daily Roast, lets make that shit happen!

    Rennick, Barnum, and Bailey out:cool:
  5. Sorry mate but your topic has failed... lol

    People on ET are just too lazy to do all this. :D :cool: :p
  6. Isnt this thread topic what EVERY thread on ET eventually turns into?
  7. piezoe


    Is this going to turn into "Prime Ministers Questions"? Where the Roastee gets insulted at every turn, but in a very mannerly way, or will it be more like the typical ET forum where everyone starts hurling insults at each other.
  8. C'mon you Pikers, we need some brave victim,,urr I mean Guest of Honor/Roastee to step up to the podium for tonight's first ever ET Trading Townhall Meeting. The closing bell rings in a few minutes. If I didnt have a prior comittment tonite I would do it. STEP UP TO THE PODIUM, THE KLEIG LIGHTS WILL BE ON YOU, BE THE FIRST AND GO DOWN IN ET INFAMY!!!