Daily Trading Strategies on Gold/Forex

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  1. In this forum, we will posting and discussing daily trading strategies on gold and forex.

    My strategies will be based on technical analysis.

    Happy Trading

    Gold Trader
  2. according to my analysis and some proprietary indicators on gold-spot, there is a high probability of going higher in a few days.

    daily chart with some simplied indicators are attached here.

    so, we would be taking pos as below:

    current price - 634
    Stop: 628

    Good luck
  3. Saantha


    Which broker would you recommand to trade gold ? I am in Europe.
  4. Samantha without the M,

    You can trade both Gold and Forex at the big O
  5. Saantha


    the big O ?
  6. after detailed analysis on gold, i belive that there is a very high probability of moving higher next week.

    gold trader
  7. Were you referring to a "sophisticated proprietary analysis" such as the attached, hahaha? FWIW, I agree with you, and put more in the vault Thursday.
  8. currently, gold is in very tight trading range.

    i believe there will be a powerful breakout in a day or two on either side.

    for technical reasons, i prefer to take on upside.

    gold trader
  9. we belive that gold will moving higher again today.

    more detailed strategies are posted on the web site.

    gold trader
  10. O gives you good leverage re xau. Tick charts work MUCH better (fib. numbers) than time . With a 2$ stop you can double your acc. with an $18 move (your risking 10% of acc. - i have pulled of such a trade- people who say i'm risking too much can go jump). trade the us session (8.20 ETam start) because the slippage, if you get into a loosing trade outside these hours, will be heavy. O has a 60-70 cent spread during these times - futs only 10 cents - but with spot you get the leverage and liquidity. Trade fx (aud/usd is my favourite) before this period-european open- and then gamble the winnings on xau in the us period. So really you risk house money when speculating on gold if you pull of a good aussie trade. And gold is white hot at the moment - forex cannot match it for risk/return (unless your dealing in 50 mill.+ in fx per trade). I hope this volatilty continues (and it WILL!!) in xau/usd.
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