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  1. Does anyone know of a tool (scanner, website, etc.) that will list the daily and average dollar ranges for both listed and otc stocks? Or does one have to go strictly by beta?

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    Try daytradingstocks.com. They have links called NYSE STOCKS and NASDAQ STOCKS on the home page. These include the daily ranges. The average range is not listed.

    I haven't seen a free scanner that includes the average daily range, but someone else might know of one. You can use a program such as Metastock for this.
  3. with tc2000 (go to tc2000.com for more info) you could create a formula which would calculate a day's range. however, if you mean true range or average true range, i don't think it can do that.
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    go to wealth-lab.com. You can write a 10 line script that will calculate every day the average ATR of a stock for whatever timelength you want.
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    with tc2000...you could create a formula which would calculate a day's range. however, if you mean true range or average true range, i don't think it can do that.

    That's true, with TC2000 it's a simple matter to setup a calculation of average daily range, although you have to first determine what time-frame you want to cover (i.e., 5day avg range, 20day avg range, 50day avg range, etc.). Unfortunately, as mentioned, it can only calculate the ranges from high to low, it cannot easily take into account gapping as part of the range (although that's possible to setup for short time-frames). So, for general purposes, it wouldn't be useful if you needed to calculate ATR as that incorporates gapping into it's calculation.
  8. daytradingstocks.com does show the day's listing of highest ranges. I'm really surprised, though, that there isn't a site that shows the AVERAGE ranges of stocks, since knowing which stocks are the most volatile on a consistent basis is of great importance to traders....

    If anyone knows of a site that does show that information, please post it here.

    Good trading all!:)
  9. Quotes plus can scan for ATR or simple range. TradeStation , and I assume Metastock and Ensign, can easily produce range calculations, charts etc.
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    If you want to find stocks that have a 3,6 or 12 month average daily range within any given % or dollar value, try


    On their "easy select page", choose "historical data". Enter the average range and % you want and a list of stocks will pop up.

    I have been using this site for a number of years now to find stocks that have a 3 month average daily range of 10% or more for day trading purposes. The site used to be free but now they charge $180/yr. There is a 30 day free trial.
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