Daily trading activity at PureTick.com

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  1. As requested, here is Bear's recap of todays trading activity at Puretick.com

    February 12, 2007 Mon Morning Session
    February 12th, 2007

    There was no gap of any sort on the open and therefore no gap to play for the YM (Dow e-mini). The opening price was below the daily pivot and the advancers-decliners opening positive, which shows neutral filters on market open. However, the advancers-decliners quickly went below zero, which would make any rallies up to the daily pivot level a prime shorting opportunity (filters bearish). That is exactly where our first trigger signal was issued with an early heads-up several minutes in advance for traders to look to short the daily pivot before the official signal was issued at 9:39:23 AM EST from a market entry of 12622. Note that we normally wait for the 15 minute opening range to complete before issuing any signals (as the price positioning relative to the high and low of that range is important to our filter bias calculation) but this was a decent premise to short (had the 2/3 major filter elements bearish). The price broke down in the morning, unable to rally even up to the daily pivot level (it got about 3 ticks shy) getting as low as the 12583 level. The relatively prolonged market weakness did result in MaxSpan firing short at 10:01:42 AM EST from an official entry price of 12590. After our first low was made in the morning, there was then an initial retracement up to the 50% retracement of the day’s sell-off at 12604 (about equal to 50% retracement the daily trading range also) which we also shorted at 10:54 AM EST from the 12599 market entry price. After the first low in the morning was made, the YM started to establish a sideways trading range, with several near-tests of the lows and rallies back up to the 50% retracement level near 12604. Eventually in the deadzone the YM price broke the previous lows allowing our MaxSpan short signal to achieve its +10 target 1 on its first 2/3. MaxSpan is currently trailing its remaining 1/3 which is up +14 as of 2:16 PM EST. For the sake of brevity, all of our four Official Room Call trigger trades were profitable this morning having hit their initial target 1’s. The signals were two shorts and two longs. Please check our track record later this evening for the exact times and profitability levels (http://www.puretick.com/trkrecord.html).

    February 12, 2007 Mon Afternoon Session
    February 12th, 2007

    MaxSpan (our 15 min opening range breakout/breakdown trade) required an end-of-day close at 4:00 PM EST today as its trailing portion was never stopped out on the trail stop. The final result for MaxSpan was +10 on its first 2/3 and +10 on its trailing 1/3. As mentioned in the morning’s blog, near the end of deadzone we finally got a break to the downside of our 12583 - 12604 trading range. After a 50% retracement of the deadzone sell-off, the YM resumed its downward move to make new lows. However, this was the final wave down for the day and the lowest low had been made here at about 2:33 PM EST. There was one Official Room Call oversold trigger signal to go long at 2:50:13 PM EST after the new low of day had been made from an entry price of 12567 with a light position as the signal was against the filters. The trade hit its profit target 1 (a standard +5 points from entry as per our new profit-taking rules for the track record). Those room members choosing to share their target 1 exit profitability got between 4-5 points on their first target contracts. The trailing portion of the long trigger was given the “new traders get out here” exit signal at 12577. Traders getting filled at precisely our specified entry and exit price levels should theoretically have been able to exit their trailing contracts with +10 points. Real-life profit levels as announced by room members on the exit signal were between 9-12 points. Overall it was an excellent day for us as all 6 of our Official Room Call trading signals were profitable (5 trigger + 1 MaxSpan). Check back later this evening for the track record results on all of the trades: http://www.puretick.com/trkrecord.html