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    Funny, but it is alarming to see how much venom people outside of the financial world have toward anything remotely related to wall street.
  3. Ironic too. Most people have at least a portion of their retirement funds invested via Wall Street.

    Stewart is a big Liberal... and though capitalists are against bailing mortgagees out (as they should be about bailing ANYBODY out)... lots of those mortgages were WRONG from the start... and bailing THOSE out is a travesty.
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    Personally I think he's WAY off with Santelli. Although the CNBC part is spot on. I've gotten to where I don't care too much for Jon Stewart anymore.
    He can be entertaining but I've noticed a habit of him taking things way out of context. Whether it's only in the interest of comedy ,or he's just another idiot is sometimes hard to tell.
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    CNBC has lost its ways. They used to be totally focused on the markets. Now they have become more of political show. Why should I waste my time on that? If I wanted to watch politics, I would go to Fox, CNN or MSNBC.

    So, I have changed from CNBC to Bloomberg.

    Here's my favorite Jon Stewart quote from last night:

    <i>CNBC — how did they miss this entire storm? They're a financial news network. I mean it'd be like the Weather Channel interviewing hurricane Katrina and saying "Y'know there are reports that you have high winds and flooding" and Katrina's like "No, no, no, I'm sunny".</i>
  6. Most of the show was amusing, but the undated interview of Stanford was bullshit. Completely out of context and pre-scandal.
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    agreed RE: stanford, should have mentioned that as well.

    i have NO proof of this, but vicious rumor is that powers-that-be above santelli squashed the appearance, thus daily show's version of payback.
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    Oh and a news flash for Jon Stewart.

    The traders and clerks Santelli was addressing in the video aren't "wall street".

    There in CHICAGO.
  9. No you are an idiot, he's hosting a comedy show, of course he's going to take things out of context to make it funny. Put down the crackpipe.

    Anyway i disagree with jon on rick's comment too, we should not have a blanket bailout of those homeowners. It's wrong on so many different levels.
  10. If you took the clips of Jim Rogers, Nouriel Rubini and the likes, who also talked on CNBC many times, the network would look very smart... wouldn't it?
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