Daily Range Site ???

Discussion in 'Trading' started by TraderBob, Nov 23, 2003.

  1. A while back I used a free site that listed each day (by exchange) those stocks with the greatest daily trading range. I thought I had bookmarked the site, but can't seem to find it.

    Does anyone know of the site or similar sites ?

  2. I believe you're thinking of daytradingthemarkets.com

    They used to do exactly as you described, but stopped several months ago.

    I have yet to find another site that does the same thing. However, barchart.com has a good list by exchange of the day's biggest advances and decliners, and you can filter those by price as well. The day's biggest rangers are usually found in those categories anyway.

    Any decent trading platform ought to at least have a Top 10 list of each exchange's most up and most down issues.

    If you find a site that does post the ranges, please post here and let us all know.
  3. I went to daytradingthemarkets.com but didn't see the list or link you were referring to. Also, I use barchart.com and don't know of any range listing they provide in the equities or signal sections. Can you be more specific ?

  4. I,m not positive about this but if you can log in to three d stock charts very early in the morning and check most active stocks and go to biggest movers you will find the biggest movers for the previous day. Later in the morning this list is updated to biggest movers in premarket trading. As far as average volatility is concerned, I wouldn't know.
  5. TraderBob,

    If you reread my post, I said that daytradingthemarkets.com stopped showing the range list several months ago.

    As far as barchart.com, click on Equities Services at the top of the screen, and then when that page loads, to the left you'll see various choices. There is no range listing, but if you click on Price Advances or Declines, you can further narrow those by Exchange or price values, i.e. $5 - $10 stocks, etc. The top advancers or decliners usually contain many of the stocks that had extreme ranges that day.

    Good luck.