Daily range on CKCM last four days?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by DirkDigler, Sep 9, 2006.

  1. I just thought this was odd and had to ask the experts here. What's up with the daily range on CKCM the last four days? After the big gap up the range has been on the order of pennies while before that it was more like 50 cents to $1.


  2. Sheesh I did a crappy job of searching. Sure 'nuff ckcm is being bought by Illinois Tool Works...

    thanks rt
  3. Hi-

    CKCM Analysis

    50dma = 17.32 (above)

    200dma= 21.55 (below)

    Major Support s/b +/- 15
    Major Resistance s/b 20+/-

    All the above's irrelevent due to T/O

    As part of the agreement, ITW would purchase all of Click Commerce's outstanding shares for $22.75 per share.
    Regards, cowpok
  4. #1, the majority of shares have to be tendered. That's not necessarily automatic. Hard tellin' what's Ferro's agenda.

    #2. ITW could have bought this at $8 rather than where it is now. Speaks volumes about their analytical acumen and timing. It's also a shade away from their core business.

    #3 Shareholders are getting screwed too, since this was $29 not that long ago, and on a real chart, barely emerging from a long wide base.

    Enclosed is a link to a "real" chart