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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by birdman, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. birdman


    years ago one of my favorite market portals published 2 daily list (NYSE & NASDAQ) of the top 25 stocks according to range

    anyone know where to find such a list or a free screener that will easily show them
  2. Aok


    Many sources.

    Yahoo scanner

    Msn scanner.


    The one I'd suggest is stockfetcher.com

    I think Bigcharts.com has range list.
  3. birdman


    thanks AOK,

    some mighty fine tools there

    i guess i could use bigcharts and one of the screeneres to compile a daily list but was hoping to find the list ready made

    i also like the free screener at the online edition of usa today newspaper

    but maybe i'll stumble onto a daily list

    here's a daily list of stocks having a greater range than $3, just like i had in mind but as you can see, it was last updated in 2003.

    The one i used back in 98 and 99 showed all stocks with a daily range of $5 or more

    times change, i guess the top ones now would rarely reach $3, if you were going to have 25 nyse and 25 nasdaq then most of the time, many of them would range around $1 to $1.50 I'm guessing

  4. roger77


    Lists of stocks by highest average daily range in percent and in dollars is published weekly on www.investment-tools.com

    It is a free website.
  5. birdman


  6. added bookmark on that- v good info. tx for the tip!
  7. BCE


    Thanks guys. Used to do my own using TC2000 :) Mostly trading futures, but it's good to know where this is. Thx. :) BTW, of the Nasdaq 100 Microsoft was always dead last. Don't know if it still is.
    Looking at that list more though, this appears to be for just 5 days, and a week ago at that, 09/15/2006. That's not as useful as a list of stocks showing the largest ranges for several months. May have to do that oneself. I have MetaStock 9 Pro but no data feed for it yet so I"m obviously not using it. If I do get around to running a screen for that I'd be glad to share it. :)