Daily profit avg as a % of capital

Discussion in 'Trading' started by BustaCapGains, Jan 11, 2009.

  1. For equity day trading, is there a close estimate out there for a realistic daily average for gains as a percentage of capital?

    As an example, if I day trade with $50k and I am averaging $500 a day of profits, is that too high and insinuating that I am taking too much risk, or maybe is this figure too low because I am trading too cautious?

    More or less my question is, is there a basic formula as to what you should be making daily over a long period of time based on capital?

    My question stipulates that I don't reinvest gains. So, with $50k should I make $X and with $30k should I make $x and so on...

    I am not looking for random short term results, I am looking for long term (3yrs plus) of full time trading results.

    This might be a good tool for people to gauge if they are on track and not risking too much or too little based on capital.

    Thanks everyone!