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  1. rin4et


    I am starting this public journal to give me some accountability. I am testing my method via paper trading. I tend to fall asleep during market hours and I am hoping monitoring my progress publicly will help me overcome this issue.
    My paper account has 100k but I started with 20k position size.
    I will post daily logs. I started this account sometime last week.
    Note to the resident trolls: You are under no obligation to respond so please refrain from trolling. This journal is solely for my own benefit.
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  2. Tell your method that Lawrence said Hi -- and I wish him all the best in life and on his future endeavors. :confused:
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  3. Overnight


    If it is solely for your own benefit, why post it at all? Reminds me of that journal here with the folk who posts only losing days. Thousands of USD losing days, each day. Crazy!

    The benefit of this angle I do not get.
  4. rin4et


    So that on the days I don't post, you guys will remind me. That way I can hold myself accountable and not fall asleep. Just like a personal trainer for weight loss :)
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    Is that a dog?
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    Haha no it is a baby porcupine.
  7. So you want us to keep you awake?
    Eating/drinking less sugars and carbohydrates makes you less sleepy.
  8. rin4et


    No the problem is I don't get enough sleep. I should be asleep by now if I have to wake up in time for the market.
  9. rin4et


    I fell asleep yet again this morning and missed quite a few good trades! I think I might need professional help.
    I woke up groggy eyed and could only muster a small profit.
  10. accountability and paper trading do not belong in the same sentence. Also, 20k position size with 100k in your account? You do understand that 5 losing trades in a row and you are out of the game?... I can turn 100k into a million in a paper trading account no problem.... Good luck doing it with a live account. Start a live account, and lose some money...
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