Daily Option Volume by exchange

Discussion in 'Options' started by rmorse, May 7, 2011.

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    From Friday:

    Market Share
    AMEX 2,983,423
    ARCA 2,112,625
    BATS 791,377
    BOX 531,093
    C2 279,797
    CBOE 3,476,520
    ISE 3,349,112
    NSDQ 989,105
    PHLX 3,857,437

    OCC Totals 18,370,489

    When you remove the S & P volume from CBOE, looks like ISE does the most "real" volume that you can participate on. AMEX is mostly directed order flow. PHLX is mostly crosses and directed flow. If you're a rebate trader, ARCA is king.