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Discussion in 'Journals' started by xtrader, Aug 20, 2002.

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    I will post my opening thoughts here.

    Please limit your replies to constructive opinions.

    If you really want to criticize, then start another thread.


  2. xtrader


    Short within the first 5 minutes of the open.
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    Interesting thread xtrader :)

    I too have been focusing on the opens...

    One question when playing the opens do you hard stops or rely on your "uncle point"? When you position yourself short off this open what will get you out in the event it continues to run?
  4. xtrader


    since the mkt still has a bullish bias AND volume is low

    however, scale in AND place your stops.

    Closing positions is up to you.

    Today I held my shorts for about an hour.
  5. xtrader


    MSFT upgrade marks end of tech run.

    JPM woes + CIENa's "restore revenue 2003" = bear break is over

    AUG 22 is a better day to short.

    SHORT at will (tech and financials)
  6. topmo


    we shall see.....
  7. topmo


    Many times there is a reversal after the first 30 min. of
    trading...ie. 7:00am PT and/or 10:00am ET.

    Draw a line on your charts at that time, (or write down the high or low, or enter it into your "alerts" system) , is the high or low broken? Is there a continuation or breakdown or breakout?

    Also, on gaps up or gaps down at the open.....will they be filled or will there be a continuation of the move in the direction of the gap?

    Just a few pointers/ideas for those chart readers out there.
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    Good day to find intraday shorts.

    Trading very light.
  9. xtrader


    long some non techs
  10. That signature statement does not make sense to me.
    "the market is listening"

    Shouldnt it rather be "the market is talking" ?

    Becuase if the market is listening and not talking to you, then its doesnt help your trading does it.

    Think about it.
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