Daily (Morning) Routine - Hopefully everyone would participate

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Satyrican, Jul 8, 2003.

  1. funky


    trading in SF.....all times pacific :)

    6am...roll over my honey and fall on floor
    615am...wake up computers
    1pm...stop trading, lunchtime
    2pm...afternoon nap
    5pm...wake up and go jogging with my honey
    6pm...dinner and a movie
    8pm...band practice (shameless plug...www.mercyshot.com)

    pretty pathetic huh? i live in a hole in the wall in potrero hill that i pay too much for. been trying to move to florida for 6 months now, but my girl hasn't been able to find a job down there (architecture/interior design). can't wait to get the hell outta here and get some sunshine.
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  2. bobcathy1

    bobcathy1 Guest

    :D :D
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  3. doublea


    1. wake up at 6.00
    2. 6.00-7.00: bike ride or yoga or Tae-Bo
    3. 7.00-7.45: shower/ break-fast
    4. 7.45- 9.00: trade
    5. 9.15-2.15: work/ lunch
    6. 2.15- 3.00: trade
    7. 3.00- 4.30: gym
    8. 5.00-10.00: family time i.e THE SIMPSONS/ school/ homework/ dinner/ etc. etc.
    9. 10.30: lights off

    All times central.

    This is what I've been wanting to follow but haven't yet. I thought maybe if I write this down, I might follow it.
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  4. A 45-minute shower?
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  5. 1. wake up at 7am
    2. shower, eat breakfast
    3. 8am-8:30 commute
    4. 8:30-9:30 research (CNBC, go over news, earnings, upgrades/downgrades, charts)
    5. 9:30-4:00 trade
    6. 4-5:00 go over trades, research for next trading day

    ......some of my best trading days happen when I wake up late, and get to my computer at around 9:15....maybe I should change the morning routine
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  6. Mvic


    6:30am Check Esignal for over night movement, maybe place a trade
    Hit the treadmill
    7:05 Check Esignal maybe place a trade
    7:15 Check esignal maybe place a trade
    wake up child, make breakfast, dress and take child to summer school
    8:00 Ready to go to work extracting $ from the market (well I am ready but the market isn't always ready to let those $ go so easily)
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  7. LOL :D :D :D this one's worth a shameless bump...LMAO
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  8. lundy


    plum lazy, i've peed on an electric fence with little noticeable effects.

    4:00 am shower, yoga
    6:00 am leave for office
    6:30 arrive at in my seat as the first few ticks come in.
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  9. 7:00 AM: wake up, have sex with girlfriend for 2 hours.
    9:00 AM: rest for 20 min.
    9:30 AM: trade.

    F. P.
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  10. lundy


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