Daily/intraday charts for stocks on magazines/books?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by innovest_11, Dec 8, 2007.

  1. Anyone knows any magazine/books that has latest daily charts for most stocks?

    I know of some foreign countries which has weekly magazines that has latest daily charts. So that don't have to scan thru thousands of stocks on PC, flipping magazine can see the chart faster, one glance u see the pattern which u like.

    I know there are screener, but somehow magazines are wonderful too
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    I haven’t used them in a couple years but IBD used to have a weekly pub. with daily data called "Daily Graphs". If you are in one of their delivery areas, they deliver on Sunday afternoons. If not they mail them to you. There was a New York & Amex book and a Nasdaq and BB book. They are $766 for both. They now have an online version that I have not used.
    You can check them out at:

  3. yeah, the IBD one is good. It's free to read at some libraries.