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    You need to free your mind. Stop focusing on the front month. You are trading futures, so look into the FUTURE.

    I am a bit down on my technique this current cycle, because I should be scaling into September, not March. Oops. I may take a hit on this current swing, but we shall see. The foundation is still there for a long outlook.

    Today was a great example though of looking for certain profit points, in NQ. The thing has a 90 point range. Surely when that 90-point range was hit, going long for 20 points would yield profit, yes? I was long at top of range unfortunately for today because I have a different metric in mind, not an intra-day scale of things, but longer-term, so I sit on hands and suffer for a bit.

    If I can get out of the March contracts with profit I will be shifting my attention to Sep and Dec contracts, because I trade the FUTURE! Wheee!
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    Thankyou everyone for your input. I need to have a stop for myself and my personality.

    Today is a good example... I traded from 6:30 AM - 9:30 AM PST and hit 53 Points profit, trading 2 NQ contracts and stopped for the day. Had I continued I would have take additional trades and ended up losing 16 points net. At one point I would have been -48 points. So, for me this works. May not be for you. But that is the great thing about this business, we can approach it any way we want.

    happy trading to all
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