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  1. I am going to start a thread with at least one chart a week that I think it's a good candidate, with an expectation to be critiqued by other fella traders.

    Long position, 1-3 weeks
    Entry: ~44.35
    stop: ~43.30
    Target: ~46.30
  2. PistolPete


    I like this stock as a mean reversion trade and a trend trade but i got to be honest i couldnt buy it here in fact id be more likely to short it fwiw , you are not asking for much upside so its definitely acheivable but im not convinced its probable . I will put this on my watchlist , i dont trade many stocks outside ASX top50 but this is definitely the type of chart i like .

    I see ( assuming ) you took it as a breakout trade but it closed inside the range , stop placement looks about right
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  3. Chart #2
    Long position, 2-4 weeks
    Entry: ~23.67
    stop: ~20.90
    Target: ~27+
  4. Specterx


    KALV is certainly uptrending, but I wouldn't trade something so thin. Also not a fan of the last few days' bars, it's basically congesting/chopping at the highs, I prefer to wait for a clean pullback.

    IF I were trading this I'd have bought a break above 9/13, 9/18 or 9/19 and either already took profits (waiting for another pb) or holding for ~25 with a stop below 9/24.
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  5. Chart #3

    Short position, 1-2 weeks
    Entry: ~27.40
    stop: ~28.60
    Target: ~25-
  6. Instead of revealing your charts, why don't you trade them quietly and make money?
  7. tomorton


    Thanks for this. Not a chart I have ever looked at previously. However, my trend scoring set-up seems to give this 10/11, which means a long entry asap, my preference is always to get in after a bullish candle which follows a bearish.
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  8. I'm making money on some of these, also I'm not revealing all of my charts.
    my goal is learning and validating my technical analysis acumen. (and secretly, building followers so later on, I lure them into buying my weekly newsletter for $10000.00 a pop) ;)
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  9. Specterx


    Looks good to me, stop looks right, entry was rather late but of course the entry price isn't relevant to current risk.
  10. Chart #4

    Short position, 2-4 weeks
    Entry: ~16.90
    stop: ~18.10
    Target: ~14-
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