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  1. EUR/USD 1.0444. EUR moved along expected lines to test just under 1.0500. Immediate outlook for EUR is for a drop to 1.0415/1.0395.Resistance is at 1.0465/70.Below 1.0395 it can try 1.0360/40 also.

    USD/CHF 1.3945.Short term Short term upside probes can test 1.3985/90 or 1.4025/30. Supports are at 1.3925 & 1.3900.

    USD/JPY 119.42. The suggested fall to 118.50 materialized. Dollar should now grind higher to 119.90 or 120.25/35, while above 119.10.

    GBP/USD 1.6064.Cable tested close to 1.6165 as suggested. The present down move should 1.6025/20 or 1.5985.Resistances are at 1.6095 & 1.6110.

    EUR/CHF: 1.4570. No change in view. EUR’s upside correction phase can test 1.4590 or 1.4620. Supports are at 1.4520 & 1.4490.

    EUR/JPY: 124.46. No change in view. EUR seems to be trading in a triangle between 123.85 & 125.15. Play this range for some time.

    EUR/GBP: 0.6495. Short term upticks to 0.6515/20 is possible while above 0.6485.

    AUD/USD: 0.5745. Buying between 0.5720 & 0.5700 with stop below 0.5675 is preferred for a move higher to 0.5810/15.

    USD/CAD: 1.5602. Play the range 1.5565-1.5650.

    Source : http://www.realtimeforex.com/e/fxnews/daily_market_e.html
  2. In this forum it is forbidden to post a merchant link as I was forbidden myself to do so...

  3. Everyday the same crap. Nico, why don't you go and tout for business elsewhere?
  4. Thanks for your reply.
    I try to help the FX marker players to make monney in putting this daily analysis every day and I have received messages who told me that some members are interested in reading this, this is why I will continue to post the daily analysis till I receive an official message to stop it.
    Best regards.
  5. As I said I think that if a service provide free information it should be ok, so I'm not against but that doesn't seem the politics here I would be really surprise if they don't react... or there would be some arbitrarery discrimations.

  6. If you want, I can only write the Analysis without the Source ???
  7. lundy


    the EURUSD did pull back to 1.0403. Good call.

    Now it's up at 1.0444

    The US markets are still rising, so EUR will probably keep within a downward range today?

    Anyone care to comment on the correlation between the US stocks and the EUR?

    My basic assumption is that they go the opposite ways.
  8. nik1033


    EUR will try to hit 1.05 again and then will eventually go down(it will be SUPER MOVE YOU EVER SEE)
    Next stop is PARITY!!!!!!!!
  9. This is an interesting topic. Traditionally, there has not been any meaningful correlation between US stocks and dollar parities. In fact, a weak dollar was considered bullish for equities. Look at a chart of 1987 to see what I mean. This changed during the bubble market, when a lot of foreign money was sucked into US equities. In effect, investment flows overwhelmed other factors, such as trade deficit and interest rate differentials. We are now at an interesting point, where war jitters no doubt have depressed the dollar, but the US economy's greater growth potential is slowly asserting itself. Sentiment seems heavily anti-dollar.

    To get back to the orignal issue, if the US economy catches fire and drags the stock market and interest rates up, no doubt the dollar rallies as well, but it will be a chicken and egg question of which triggered which.
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