Daily 150 MA or 30 wk MA ?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by palden, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. palden


    Any knows if the above 2 indicators are similar or which is better ? :) Pal
  2. Why don't you test them and find out for yourself, instead of taking someone's word for it?
  3. palden


    software doesn't include 30 wk MA functionality. would be good to learn abt experience on both MAs in any case. :) Pal
  4. cnms2


    The weekly 30 MA uses 30 weekly points, which is a subset of the 150 daily points used by the daily 150 MA. So the daily 150 MA reflects more accurately the action over the 30 weeks. You can apply these to price (OHLC), volume or any other set of data.
  5. palden


    Thanx ! :)
  6. ==================
    Could put both on, which on many charts would be;
    150 day ma ,150 week ma;
    30 day ma, 30 week ma:cool:

    Frankly you or I could probably find a wise use for all four;
    the 30 day AND 150 day would probably be more practical for me.